The Reformation

The Fruit of Protestantism

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Number of Protestant Denominations

The sad fact about the Protestant demolition is the countless divorces within its own revolt. The revolution just keeps on revolving. In fact, when we say "countless", we really do mean countless - we simply will never be able to know exactly how many protestant denominations there are or will be. Is that an indictment of sola scriptura in itself or what? The system cannot even account for all of its disjointed and nullifying doctrines or the churches that hold to them.

There is likely a small independent, non-denominational, bible-only, fundamentalist church with a congregation of less than 400 right in your own neighborhood. And these churches would likely be under the radar for most research proposals - never mind small non-denominational churches in some third world country. So are there 30,000 Protestant denominations? Well, the fact that no one can answer that allows us to have a certain liberality of belief where this question is concerned. There could be less, but then again, there could be many more.

John Pacheco
The Catholic Legate
January 28, 2002


Baptist 29,000,000 in USA 33,000,000 Worldwide

American Baptists Missionary Baptists-Calvinists American Baptist Churches in the USA Southern Baptist Convention The Association of Evangelicals for Italian Missions The New England Evangelical Baptist Fellowship Regular Baptists The Kyova Association of Regular Baptists Separate Baptists in Christ American Baptist Association Baptist Missionary Association of America Baptist Bible Fellowship Sovereign Grace Movement Duck River (and Kindred) Association of Baptists

Conservative Baptist Movement General Association of Regular Baptist Churches Conservative Baptist Association Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Minnesota Baptist Convention New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches The South Carolina Baptist Fellowship Southwide Baptist Fellowship

Ethnic Calvinist Baptists Independent Baptist Church of America The Russian/Ukranian Evangelical Baptist Union of the USA The Ukranian Evangelical Baptist Convention

Calvinist Anti-Mission Baptists Primitive Baptist Primitive Baptist-Regulars Primitive Baptist-Absolute Predestinarians Primitive Baptists-Progressive Black Primitive Baptists The National Primitive Baptist Convention of the USA

Independent Primitive Baptist Association The General District Association The Round Lake Primitive Baptist Association The Hiwasse Association The Buffalo River Association The Sand lick/Spencer Association The Mayo Association The Regular Baptist Association The Old Elkhorn Association Two-seed-in the Spirit Predestinarian Baptists

Black Baptists National Baptist Convention of the USA National Baptist Convention of America National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Saving Assembly of the USA Progressive Baptist Fellowship Association

General Baptists National Association of Freewill Baptist General Conference of the Original Free Will Baptist Church United Freewill Baptist Church The Primitive Baptist Conference of New Brunswick, Main and Nova Scotia (Canada) United Baptist General Association of General Baptist Baptist General Conference General Six-Principle Baptists

Seventh Day Baptists Seventh Day Baptist General Conference Seventh Day Baptists (German)

Churches of Christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Tioga River Christian Conference Christian Congregation Churches of Christ (Non-Denominational) Churches of Christ (Non-Instrumental-Liberal) Churches of Christ (Non-Instrumental-Premillenial) Churches of Christ (Non-Instrumental-Non Sunday School) Churches of Christ (Non-Instrumental-Conservative) North American Christian Convention National Association of Free, Autonomous Christian Churches

Christadephians Amended Christadelphians Unamended Christadelphians

Lutheranism 60,000,0000 Worldwide Approx. 20 Lutheran bodies in the U.S.

Larger ones - Evangelical Lutheran Church (5,200,000) Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (2,610,000) Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (420,000)

Methodism 29,000,0000 Worldwide 68 autonomous Methodist Churches in 93 Countries

Larger ones - The Methodist Church (10,000,000) United Methodist Church (9,000,000) African Methodist Church (2,000,000) Others: African Methodist Episcopal Zion, Christian Methodist Episcopal, Free Methodist Church, Wesleyan Church.

Adventist Adventist Seventh Day Adventist Advent Christian Primitive Advent Christian Church Church of God (Adventist) Church of God (Seventh Day) Church of God Mormons (Utah) Mormons (Missouri) Jehovah’s Witnesses Iglesia Ni Kristo

Other Denominational Bodies to Add

Church of England and its spin offs... Pentecostalism and its spin offs... Presbyterianism and its spin offs... And many others no doubt...