Catholic Social and Political Activism

All-Candidate's Debate: John's Closing Statement

The text in italics represents our angle on how the speech proceeded. The text in red represents the part of John's speech where he raised his voice and got gritty.


Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you all for coming out tonight. Now, more than ever, it is very important that we all participate in the democratic process.

And please believe me when I say that the threat to democracy in Canada is very real and very present. For all of you who have more traditional beliefs about family and faith, there is no tomorrow. There is no time to be timid or complacent.

Do not be afraid. Come forward. Speak your mind. Get involved in the political process.

Do not let them silence you, muzzle you, or censor you. Do not let them transform our mosques, our synagogues, and our churches into prisons because they have silenced dissent everywhere else.

People of faith built this country and people of faith will reclaim it.

Loud cheers and applause begin through John's final few comments...

On October 2, vote for freedom and vote to preserve traditional marriage. But most importantly, vote wisely to defeat those politicians who would tear down traditional marriage.

God Bless and Protect Ontario.

Cheering starting to hit climax levels...

God Bless Our Beloved Country.