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The campaign staff wishes to extend our congratulations to Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Party. We hope that Mr. McGuinty and the Liberal Party do not introduce legislation which seeks to further erode traditional family life in Ontario. The Family Coalition Party of Ontario will remain vigilent in defense of life and family in the province. Our Party will remain the conscientious choice for Ontario voters into the future. And we will remain the official opposition on government social legislation.


Candidate Party Votes %
Dalton McGuinty LIB 24,661 51.7%
Richard Raymond PC 16,414 34.4%
James McLaren NDP 4,300 9.0%
David Chernushenko GREEN 1,747 3.7%
John Pacheco FCP 562 1.2%

Ridings: LIB: 72 PC: 24 NDP: 7


Action Item: Pray. Pray. Pray.


Our Campaign's Endorsements to Ottawa-Area Candidates:

Riding Candidate Party
Ottawa South John Pacheco FCP
Ottawa Centre Joe Varner PC
Ottawa West Gary Guzzo PC
Ottawa-Orleans Brian Coburn PC
Ottawa-Vanier Maurice Lamirande PC
Nepean-Carleton John Baird PC

Note: All of the above Ottawa-area candidates are Pro-Family EXCEPT for John Baird. In Nepean-Carleton, all of the candidates are Anti-Family. In such a case, we give a contemptuous nod to Baird who belongs to a Party which is not as likely to push for socially disasterous legislation. If you cast your vote for Baird, let him know that you are voting for him - not because he is particularly appealing but because the other candidates belong to Parties which are pointedly Anti-Family.

Richard Raymond, the PC Candidate in Ottawa South, to his credit, is also Pro-Family.

Action Item - Election Night Updates: We will be posting the results of the Ontario Election throughout the evening (Thurs. Oct. 2) for the benefit of our supporters residing outside of Ontario. Periodic updates will be posted every 45-60 minutes. We ask that you keep John and our Campaign in your prayers during the evening of Oct.2.

Action Item - Prayer For All of the Candidates: Although we are very critical of the Liberal Party and Dalton McGuinty, we ask all of our supporters to keep Mr. McGuinty and his family in your prayers, along with all of the other candidates and their families. Even though Mr. McGuinty holds to misdirected and disasterous policies which attack and undermine the family, he is still a baptized Catholic who needs to be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit.

News Item - Advertising Blackout: In accordance with the Ontario Elections Act, this website will cease posting any political commentary or campaign advertising from Tues. Sept. 30 at midnight until after the election results are known.


New Radio Ad to Air Tomorrow: More dough just rolled in today. So we're turning up the heat on Dalton through this radio spot:

Dalton McGuinty.

Here’s a man who is reported to have cut backroom deals with
Jean Chretien over same-sex marriage.

If Dalton is so confident in his constituents' beliefs on this matter,
why is he in the backroom with Jean Chretien?

And what other backroom deals is Dalton peddling?

Dalton McGuinty: just another backroom buddy of Jean Chretien.

On October 2, vote for some integrity in politics for a real change.

Authorized by the CFO for the campaign to elect John Pacheco.

PRAYER WARRIORS TO THE LINE: Our campaign is asking all of our supporters to increase their prayers and spiritual sacrifices over the next few days. As St. Paul reminds us:

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Eph. 6:12)

Commenting on the spiritual dimension of this war, John remarks:

"When I debated McGuinty, I only asked for one thing: for God to take away my nerves. And when I got up on that stage and throughout the evening, I didn't have one nervous bone in my body. I did my job and got under Dalton's skin and shook the place up. Now it's time to turn to God again and prove the political pundits and the pollsters wrong. David's sling is ready. The key to our success rests with you, my dear people. I am therefore asking for intense prayer, sacrificing, and fasting over the next few days. The sling is pulled back. All we have to do is release it."

News Item - New Breed of Reporters: After John's debate last Wednesday night, a talented young reporter named Erika Burgess interviewed John about his chances for the upcoming election. As our readers can see, there is indeed hope for the media. With more objectivity like this, this aspiring young reporter is certainly a bright spot for her profession. She does something that few reporters do: report the facts.

For John Pacheco, Family Coalition Party candidate for Ottawa South, preventing the legalization of same-sex marriages is the central concern of this provincial election. Throughout the all-candidates debate at Ridgemont High School on Wednesday, Pacheco criticized Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty's support of same-sex marriage and other Liberals policies that do not agree with the Family Coalition Party's Judeo-Christian foundation and belief in "family values." "There are other important issues in this election...," said Pacheco, "but...most of the problems...will be 10 times worse in 10 years if we do not uphold marriage and the traditional family." His opening remarks were answered by heckling that competed with equally passionate cheering from his supporters in the crowd. Later in the evening, Pacheco said his party was not "about hate" and did not discriminate based on race, religion or sexual orientation. "What our opponents and Mr. McGuinty need to understand is that sometimes saying no to a person is the greater act of love," said Pacheco. "For the Family Coalition Party to say it stands for inclusiveness is like Col. Sanders saying 'I'll look after the chickens,'" replied McGuinty. Pacheco does not believe that his campaign will negatively impact PC Candidate Richard Raymond's by splitting the conservative vote with PC supporters. "The political game here is that there are a lot of immigrants and a large Muslim population, and they traditionally vote Liberal, but they're not for same-sex marriage, and that's where I'm going to get my votes," said Pacheco. "This is an issue that will cause people to change their vote."


News Item - The Myopia of Leftist Reporters: Reporters who teeter on the left side of the political spectrum are very rarely concerned with facts. This deficiency is even more pronounced when moral issues are considered. But when the right's moral positions can be verified by the cold hard facts, the left's abdication of the truth becomes even more disgraceful. Consider, for instance, The National Post's article by John Ivison (see below) on the all-candidate's debate. In his article, Mr. Ivison tries to "pooh-pooh" the idea that there are actually very dangerous health risks from the gay lifestyle. For gentlemen like Mr. Ivison, a certain reality deficiency is something they must fight on a daily basis, most of the time unsuccessfully. In order to help Mr. Ivison deal with his condition, we have compiled a very concise report on the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle from very reputable sources.


Action Item - Radio Blitz: Yesterday around 4pm, we started our radio blitz on two Ottawa radio stations - 99.1 CHRI FM Christian Radio and Ottawa's popular 580 CFRA AM Talk Radio. You can read our announcement here. We're peppering the radio waves with lots of spots until next Tuesday evening.


News Item - NATIONAL POST STORY ON THE DEBATE!!!: Although the writer is obviously a little upset at John's effectiveness in the debate by writing a column befitting his own political and orientational sensitivities, John's performance at the debate is starting to get some attention. Mr. Ivison believes that only "myopics" would believe the health risks of the homosexual lifestyle. It is really no surprise that when Jesus was confronted with reporters like Mr. Ivison, He said, "If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains." In a short while, we will be offering Mr. Ivison some information on the health risks of the homosexual lifestyle that he would do well to consider. And "myopia" won't be one of them. Stay tuned.

News Item - CFRA 580 AM Aired the Debate!!!: Because of some balking by the other camps at allowing the debate to be broadcast live on Wednesday night (Sept.24), Ottawa area residents were unable to hear it. However, last night, CFRA aired the whole debate! We are looking into securing a copy of the tape for ourselves from the radio station. We are seeking to distribute it for only the cost of production and shipping (approx. $3). But first we will need the permission of CFRA to do so. Details pending...


News Item - How Colonel Sanders Ruffled Dalton's Feathers: Last night an earthquake that passed through Ottawa South. In his opening five minute speech, John launched a ferocious and targeted assault on Dalton's McGuinty's political integrity and his stance on same-sex marriage. It left McGuinty with a bad taste in his mouth the whole evening as he kept referring to John and the FCP throughout the evening - even though we are a "fringe" party. That speaks volumes. Of course, you had to be there to believe it. Don't waste your time trying to read about it in the papers. Their coverage was typically liberal. But the people who were there last night know what went down, and we will be letting you all know what they had to say.

Click here to read the full report.


News Item - McGuinty gets plastered: Dalton McGuinty looked really slick and polished for the first two minutes of the debate tonight, but then all that American money he spent on debating classes just slid right off of his expensive suit. Some reporter asked him a question about his private deals with Chretien over same-sex marriage legislation, and it was all downhill after that. We almost felt sorry for the guy. Hampton did OK, and Ernie did very well. You could tell how Ernie was enjoying himself by the number of times he smirked when Dalton was talking. This is good news for our campaign because now Dalton is no longer a shoe-in for Ottawa South. We sure hope constituents of Ottawa South tuned into the debate tonight. Tomorrow's all-candidate's debate becomes even more critical for our chances to be king-maker. Please keep John in prayer as he prepares tonight.


Action Item - Advertising Blitz: Our campaign will be launching a targeted advertising campaign with multiple goals. Look for ads in the Ottawa South Community newspaper this Wednesday. Pending finalization of the details, we will be hitting the Ottawa Citizen on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And CHRI Christian Hit Radio 99.1 FM will be running our spots starting on Friday and ending on Tuesday. Click here to read the ad which will be appearing in the community newspaper.


Action Item - Rogers Debate: John participated in a televised debate with the NDP and Green Party Candidates this morning. Our strategy was to give John some exposure and get his feet wet for the big debate on Wednesday. This debate, sponsored by Rogers Television, can be seen on Rogers TV (Ottawa area) Channel 22 on Wed. Sept. 24 at 9PM and again on Sun. Sept. 28 at 2PM.


One day, will this picture be considered obscene?



We have just received a letter of invitation (and we have subsequently accepted) to participate in an all-candidate's debate. Dalton McGuinty will be participating.

Wednesday September 24, 7PM-9PM
Ridgemont High School, 2597 Alta Vista Drive

Please come out and show your support for John. There are no excuses for not coming. There is no tomorrow. Show up for the sake of your children and grandchildren and help put the heat on McGuinty.


News Item - Dalton's Contempt for the Voters of Ottawa South: Dalton McGuinty never ceases to amaze us. Click here to read about a man who played backroom politics with his good friend Jean Chretien, and got what he deserved. And now, same-sex "marriage" and Dalton's cowardly political ploy are going to cost him his seat, his Party's Leadership and the Premier's job. In asking John about this hot scandal, John only gave a smirk and said:

"I hope people tune into the all-candidate's debate. It's going to be a lot of fun, but it won't be pretty."

Press Release: John Pacheco to Stand Firm Regardless of the Consequences

My dear people,

With the defeat of a motion which sought to uphold traditional marriage and with the passage of Bill C-250 which has added "sexual orientation" to the Criminal Code, the persecution of religious groups and other democrats who oppose the Gay agenda will rapidly accelerate in a short time.

I neither sought nor have really ever aspired to political office. Indeed, it is only because of politicians who prostitute the name "Catholic" and refuse to stand in defense of life and freedom, that I felt compelled to offer a political option to people of conscience and good will. Nevertheless, with the recent encroachments against civil liberties, my otherwise marginal candidacy takes on rather epic proportions - at least for me.

In the coming weeks, my campaign will launch radio and newspaper ads which oppose same-sex "marriage". I will also have some opportunities to engage in debates with the other candidates where I will be very critical of gay "marriage".

As a Catholic writer and apologist, and now reluctant politician, I can read the writing on the wall. The more prominence and publicity my campaign builds, the greater the target I will become. It is possible that I will dodge the "hate crime" label in the campaign. But I will not likely be able to dodge it forever, especially given my expanding presence on various prominent Catholic websites and print publications. My day will come. And I will likely lose everything that I have worked for, professionally and financially.

I want to make it clear to all of you that, no matter what the cost to me personally, I will never renounce my faith or my faith's teaching on homosexuality. I will stand in defense of freedom of religious expression. And I will stand for freedom of speech in this country which I passionately love. I will not run. I will stand on guard for Canada.

I only ask that you support and help my wife and children in their distress if my time ever comes. I don't know what God is doing, but I have faith that our trials and persecutions will one day make Canada glorious again.

God keep our land glorious and free. God Bless Canada!

Praised be Jesus Christ forever,

John Pacheco


News Item - Bill C-250 has passed: Svend Robinson's bill which adds "sexual orientation" to the Criminal code passed yesterday afternoon. The vote was 143 to 110. Like the Marriage motion, Liberal MPs were too cowardly to show up for the vote. In the Marriage motion, over 32 MPs didn't show. This time around the ghost MPs were even more numerous, totalling 48. Needless to say, these past two days have been truly devastating for Canadian families and Canadian democracy.


News Item - More Persecution by the Gay Agenda: An alarming report by the BC Parents & Teachers for Life...

"Two activists are taking the Surrey School Board to the BC Human Rights Tribunal for allowing certain comments from those opposing the inclusion of pro-homosexuality books as approved teaching materials in the schools of the district. The Surrey School Board, you may remember, held forums in June at which the vast majority of speakers opposed the books. Now the complainants, according to The Surrey Leader, charge that the district "discriminated against them, as lesbians who attended the meetings, by creating a process which resulted in a 'poisonous' environment." "In order for people like myself, who were in support of the books, to present our point of view," said . . . [one of the complainants], "we had to sit through comments that were being made that were very offensive and demeaning to people that were gay, lesbian, bisexual." It is now revealed that the complainants had hoped to stop one of the meetings from being held. When the June 10th meeting was held it was noticed that different guidelines were laid down by the chairperson. She, as The Leader puts it, "made a firm statement that general feelings on homosexuality would not be considered in the board's decision on the books." It seemed to some that a chill on discussion had set in, as, after all, the publics' feelings about homosexuality have a lot to do with the inclusion or exclusion of pro-homosexuality books.

Commenting on the actions of the complainants, Surrey School Board Chairperson Mary Polak said, according to The Leader: "The potential for this to limit the ability of members of the public to speak to their elected representatives is really quite astounding." Chairperson Polak's comment is very much to the point. If governmental bodies cannot allow citizens to express themselves freely, within the traditional boundaries excluding libel and slander, how is democracy to function? If references to the views of parents and others on the moral issues associated with homosexuality and references to the medical dangers of homosexual behaviour, based on research, are to be considered out-of bounds, then only the pro-homosexuality activists will have real freedom to contribute to a very important discussion. That discussion is over the appropriateness of governmental bodies putting the stamp of approval on homosexual behaviour, whether that stamp comes through the approval of pro-homosexuality teaching resources, or by the recognition of same-sex unions as "marriages."

Freedom of speech and of religion are already under threat: Remember the printer who had to pay a fine for refusing to print for a homosexual organization, and the Roman Catholic school that was forced to allow a self-proclaimed homosexual student to bring his boy friend to the school prom, and--of course--Chris Kempling, who is still under the threat of punishment for speaking out against aspects of the pro-homosexuality program of the BC Teachers' Federation. If those freedoms are under threat already, how much greater will that threat be if Bill C-250 becomes law! We urge you to stand against this bill. Please phone your MP if you have not already done so, and e-mail other MPs. (See the BCPTL website for the link to an external web page enabling you you to e-mail any single MP or all the MPs at once.)"

Our Comment: It's quite simple folks, quite simple. If you want a tyrannical society which persecutes those who oppose the gay agenda, then vote Liberal. That's how it works. God help Canada. God help the religious minorities in this country. God help the Catholic Church. She's going to be the first stop on the hit list. It truly is amazing how Dalton McGuinty can say that

We hope that voters in Ottawa South enlighten McGuinty on Oct.2.

Press Release - Alliance Motion Defeat: The Canadian Alliance's motion to preserve the traditional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman was defeated last night in Parliament. It was defeated by a vote of 137 to 132. Many people believe this is the beginning of the end for Canada, but John doesn't think so. He believes that the defeat of the motion, while regrettable, might still be a very good thing. Here is why:

"People need to remember that the Parliament in power today was the same group who voted for marriage 216-55 in 1999. They were re-elected in 2000 on that platform. It was not an issue back then because these MPs reflected their constituents views. With the vote last night, all that has changed. Now, these MPs must face the voters for the first time since their pro-gay marriage vote on this issue.

This was a motion only. It was not legislation. That means there is still nothing in parliamentary law which has approved of gay marriage. This means that pro-family forces can begin to focus on this issue and get organized for the next election. With a loss of the motion, no one is going to get complacent.

The Alliance proposed the motion in order to smoke out all of the Liberal MPs who support gay marriage and divide the Liberal Party. After years of the right being split, it's nice to see the neo-communist Party of Canada having some discomfort too.

Pro-family forces now have firm evidence about the supporters of same-sex marriage. They know who they need to knock out in the next election, and can make sure the constituents of these MPs know about their MPs' pro-gay marriage positions.

Some of the more decent Liberal MPs, who supported the Alliance's motion, might actually have to reflect on whether their Party really does reflect their values and those of their constituents. Party defections cannot be ruled out.

Thirty MPs did not show up because the PMO exacted their twisted form of "democratic participation" by keeping them away OR ELSE. Furthermore, this was far from a "free vote". According to, "The Globe and Mail website reported tonight that Scarborough Liberal MP John McKay, who supported the Alliance motion, indicated that this was anything but the free vote that Prime Minster Chretien originally promised it would be. McKay told the Globe, 'There was heavy pressure on quite a number of MPs to vote the way the government saw things to be voted so, you know, how free that vote was is maybe a bit of a de-construction.'"

If Svend was uncomfortable, pro-marriage groups should take some solace in the narrow defeat. According to, Gay activist MP Svend Robinson was disturbed by the strong support that the motion received. He said, "I have to say that it was far too close - it should have never been this close".

As I have always said, this little item is going to be around until the next election. My prediction is that rural Ontario and some Ontario urban centers along with some Maritime seats will swing to the Canadian Alliance. With any luck, the Liberal government will form only a minority government. And if the Right-Wing gets its act together, Paul Martin could be phoning Kim Campbell on tips for his farewell speech."

News Item - Liberals feeling the Heat: Yesterday's Ottawa Citizen had a short lead article on the division between McGuinty's pro-gay agenda view with at least two Liberal MPPs. This is important for two reasons: first, the gay agenda thing is more of a "Jean Chretien" kind of initiative by McGuinty and may not reflect the opinion of a good number of the Party's candidates. Second, this issue is starting to trickle down to this election as a forerunner to the Federal election. It's turning out to be that critical "wedge" issue which could cost McGuinty not only the Premiership, but his seat and his status as Party leader as well. One of the MPPs in question, Phil McNeely, is running in Ottawa-Orleans. This is what he said: "If it's at odds with what Mr. McGuinty says, I can live with that. I cannot be asked to believe in something that I don't believe in." Poor man. Somebody wake him up and remind him the Party he belongs to.


News Item - Possible Debate: We received a request to participate in an all-candidates debate which will be sponsored by Rogers Television. It remains to be seen who will be participating, and whether it will indeed be an ALL candidates debate. If McGuinty actually participates, it will be lots of fun, and John will be there for sure. We encourage everyone who would be interested in a debate to e-mail McGuinty's campaign office or phone him at 526-2200.

Commenting on the prospective debate, John remarked,

"I hope Dalton comes out of the closet and shows up for this debate. He's been hiding too long from the growing opposition to gay marriage in his constituency. He needs to break free from his political handlers, show his face in the riding, and defend his social engineering to the constituency's families. Come on out, Dalton, and let's have a chat."


News Item - John's Interview: Today's TV interview with CBC went very well. John and his family were featured. The reporter got some footage of John and Lara homeschooling their kids, which will hopefully send a positive message out in regards to our Campaign's efforts to push for education tax credits. In the interview, John focused on defending and preserving traditional marriage and McGuinty's failure to do so. We're still not sure when the interview will air. Since it will not be restricted to the Ottawa area, we hope that it has an impact on the election province-wide.


Action Item - TV Interview: CBC-Ottawa's news reporter Danny Globerman will be interviewing John on Monday at 2:00pm about our Campaign. Keep John and his family in your prayers during this time. Stay tuned to find out when the interview will air on the tube!

News Item - The "Get Rid of McGuinty" Campaign
Our candidate had a very informative and eye-opening meeting last night with various ethnic and religious community leaders. The ethnic communities comprise a very large segment of the constituency. According to John, if this election follows the previous one in terms of numbers voting for and against the Liberal Party Leader, McGuinty is finished for sure. There is a groundswell of anger among the ethnic communities over McGuinty's pro-gay marriage position. They were also particularly outraged at McGuinty's refusal to sign the nomination papers of Liberal candidates who oppose same-sex marriage. One lawyer at the meeting said that if gay marriage goes through, the Catholic Church will lose its status as a registered charity. The Federal government will begin to withdraw benefits from those organizations which oppose "human rights" legislation. Effectively, the government will end up favouring some churches and religions over others through financial bonuses for pro-gay "religions". Many of the leaders present at the meeting indicated that they wanted to use this election to send a message to the Liberal dictators on Parliament Hill.

John expressed his concern to the group about a potential vote splitting between his candidacy and the PC Candidate, Richard Raymond. (While Mr. Raymond opposes gay marriage, he is in favour of civil unions, and would not invoke the Notwithstanding clause to protect the Province's families.) It appears that, given that McGuinty only won by less than 3400 votes in 1999, vote splitting remains a real threat to Raymond's chances of defeating McGuinty. Even 500 votes for John could spell disaster for Raymond. It really is that close."

For those voters who are still undecided on who to support, we recommend that you contact Mr. Raymond's campaign office at 523-7300 or e-mail him. You never know how strong the winds of politics seem to blow.


News Item - McGuinty threatens province's families: A newsreport has quoted McGuinty stating the following on gay marriage:

"Terri and I have the most small-c conservative relationship going -- high school sweethearts, dated for eight years, had four kids in five years, married now 23 years and we are hopelessly in love," he said. "I don't feel threatened or offended in any way at all if a gay or lesbian couple chose to marry and I don't see how it's threatening to the future of my children either."

John Comments: "Well, that's a very nice thing for Dalton. But when the gay agenda comes knocking, as they did in the case of the Surrey School Board in B.C., who is going to defend parents' rights? It won't be McGuinty. That's for sure. People better start to wake up very fast because in a very short while, the gay political agenda will be affecting their lives rather directly. If Dalton doesn't 'see the threat', he's blind, clueless, or both."

Action Item - Meeting with Ethnic Group Coalition: Please keep John in your prayers as he meets with concerned voters from various ethnic communities in Ottawa South to discuss strategy. From preliminary discussions with some of these leaders, we can safely say that they mean serious business. In fact, in the CBC's profile above, they relate a very interesting news item about this particular riding. The CBC reports that "this riding has an immigrant population of about 26 per cent, with the largest concentration of Arabic speakers in the Ontario [constituency]." John expects to meet some of those Arabic speakers at the meeting.

We asked John what this composition meant to the election in Ottawa South. John's response:

"Well, for my campaign, it's very, very good. The ethnic communities are very upset over gay marriage. Some of them said if gay marriage passes, it's the end of Canada. McGuinty won this riding by less than 3,400 votes in 1999. Immigrants and ethnic voters overwhelmingly vote Liberal, but a healthy number of those votes are likely gone now with Dalton marrying the Gay lobby. So, if I can siphon off 3,400 votes from McGuinty, he's likely finished. Of course, if Raymond [the PC candidate] is smart and knows where his bread is buttered, he'll oppose gay marriage just to be safe. Then it will be a fight for those votes between him and I. The softer Raymond is on gay marriage, the more votes for me. The last thing the PC Party wants is another Ralph Nader situation."


Action Item - John's Call to PC Candidate Richard Raymond: Today, John called the campaign office of Ottawa South PC Candidate, Richard Raymond to find out Mr. Raymond's position on gay marriage. Mr. Raymond never got back to John as he was out of the office. The PC Candidate's position could have enormous implications on the outcome of the election in Ottawa South. Either way, John's presence on the ballot smokes out all of the politicians on this issue so there are no unpleasant surprises in the Legislature.


Press Release - Campaign Kickoff: Ottawa area father and writer, John Pacheco, has officially announced his candidacy for Ottawa South, Dalton McGuinty's riding. As a candidate for the Family Coalition Party, John stressed his candidacy will be about preserving the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Commenting on McGuinty's position, Pacheco said: "Dalton wants gay marriage. He also talks a lot about responsibility. Let's see if he takes this responsibility seriously when he has to pay for the imminent health related disaster, as more impressionable youth and other people engage in such destructive behaviour. Who's going to pay for that, Dalton? Or are you going to leave us with the bill?"

He also took aim at McGuinty's two-faced idea of personal integrity: "I don't think a politician should have to sacrifice his personal integrity in order to get elected", Pacheco noted. "Mr. McGuinty Sr., Dalton's father, was pro-life and pro-family and he got elected in this riding. He was a man of integrity who lived his life on Sunday the way he did on Monday morning. Voters should be demanding the same standards from his son who claims to be Catholic. If he's Catholic, then let's have some frankness and honesty. Otherwise, don't use the Catholic "good 'ol boy handle" to get yourself elected. It's really that simple."

He then went on to comment on political integrity in general, saying: "If voters really want some integrity, accountability, and responsibility in politics, they should reflect that wish at the ballot box. There is a word for politicians who tell people that they have strong personal convictions, but are not prepared to stand up for them in public. In politics, it's known as being 'broad minded'. Everybody else calls it for what it is: cowardice. And frankly, I am a little tired of some voters complaining about politicians being dishonest. My response to that is: you get what you vote for. If you want a change, then vote for some personal integrity. Otherwise, what are you complaining about?"

Straight Answers

These are questions that Mr. McGuinty should provide answers for. The voters of Ottawa South deserve answers to them since it will have signficant impact on their value-belief systems and on how they conduct their lives. The question is first posed and John's rebuttal then follows.


Stay tuned for more "Straight Answers"


Question 1: Mr. McGuinty, you are a staunch supporter of same-sex "marriage". If gay marriage becomes law, can gay teachers in Ontario be stopped from teaching our children the homosexual lifestyle? Would you consider their opportunity to promote their lifestyle a "fundamental human right"? And what recourse, if any, will parents have to stop such teaching?

John's Answer: There will be no recourse for parents. Their lives will be adversely affected because the government wants to impose the gay lifestyle on the province's families. Somebody should ask Dalton if his own kids will undergo the same kind of "sensitivity education" to the gay lifestyle that he is imposing on the rest of us.

Question 2: Mr.McGuinty, when the parents described above pull their child from the school because they do not wish to have the gay lifestyle imposed on their children, what financial consolation will you grant them should they seek private education?

John's Answer: Dalton doesn't support education tax credits. That means parents who don't want a gay education not only have to yank their kids, they don't even get a paltry tax credit to offset the costs of private education - the cost of which they ALREADY paid for through their hard earned tax dollars. Dalton is out of touch with ordinary voters.

Question 3: Mr. McGuinty, suppose I have a roommate who happens to be male. Suppose further that we are the best of friends. We spend time together. We laugh together. We cry together. We enjoy each other thoroughly. But the relationship is totally platonic and only a "mano-a-mano" friendship. There is no sexual inclination whatsoever. Why must the homosexual relationship be more valued than the one I have with my roommate? Is it because the homosexual's relationship involves sex? Why should the government recognize a relationship as more intrinsically valued simply because of a quick biological high? In fact, statistics show that my relationship with my roommate will likely last a lifetime; the homosexual's "marriage" will last 18 months. And what about sexless marriages? Are their marital benefits to be stripped because they do not engage in intercourse? Tell me why the government should favour Joe having sex with Jim and give him special privileges over my relationship with my roommate? Should the government really be in the business of rewarding sexual gratification?

John's Answer: Mr. McGuinty's problem is that he really has no respect for marriage. Having respect for something means saying "no" to elements and factors which can destroy it. But, like so many "Catholic" politicians, Dalton is particularly good at the Judas shuffle.

Question 4: Mr. McGuinty, what is your opinion of polygamy and polyamory (group marriage)? If a legal challenge is brought against the government to recognize their relationships as a "marriage", what basis will you use to deny them this right? It cannot be on the basis of consent. The only other defense is to appeal to the numerical restriction of marriage being the union of two persons. But, remember, Mr. McGuinty, that is discrimination, and as you have shown with the gay marriage issue, you don't discriminate! Why should the number 2 have any more signifance than 20?

John's Answer: I guess it really does take a village to raise a child, after all.

Question 5: Mr. McGuinty, since marriage will be determined simply by consent in the future, please explain how, when polygamy becomes law, a woman's dignity is protected or enhanced by having to share her husband with other women?

John's Answer: I would love to hear Mr. McGuinty's feminist supporters answer this one.

Question 6: Mr. McGuinty, it is an anthropological fact that cultures which elevate and promote homosexuality end up stripping women of their dignity. This happens, in part, because of the encroachments of polygamy and polyamory which inevitably follow. Can you explain how this sad development will serve women voters in your constituency and in the province?

John's Answer: When men start loving and sacrificing for their wives the way they should within marriage, a woman's dignity is guaranteed. It's the best arrangement which protects women from predators, and keeps them free from sexual slavery.

Question 7: Mr. McGuinty, in March, 2002, you and gay Liberal MPP George Smitherman wrote to the Durham Catholic District School Board trustees. In the letter, you asked that the student in question, Mark Hall, be permitted to accompany his male date to the prom. In that letter (obtained by, you accused the school board of being "unfair" and offending "the freedoms that have made Canada a welcome home for people in all their diversity." Mr. McGuinty, why are you using your political position in trying to impose your gay agenda on the Catholic school board? Does not the Catholic Church have the right to educate her children according to her teachings? Is this your idea of religious freedom?

John's Answer: How Mr. McGuinty can call himself a Catholic with a straight face is comical. At the very least, we should all obey the rules of dignity and honour and call a spade a spade. Dalton is no Catholic. Why is this important? Because personal integrity counts in politics.

Question 8: According to Lifesite.Net, in the run-up to the previous election, your press secretary revealed that you pulled a "Jean Chretien" on your own Party members. Is it true, sir, that you refused to sign nomination papers for those candidates who did not sign on to your gay agenda?

John's Answer: Of course, it's true. Dalton has been trying to help the gay agenda out of the closet by pushing everyone else into it. The arrogance is exquisitely "Chretienien".

Question 9: Mr. McGuinty, your Party president, Greg Sorbara, is really starting to feel the heat on gay marriage and your staunch support for it. Here is what he has to say:

"Mr. Sorbora said when the issue by his constituents is raised as he campaigns door-to-door, 'I tell them they should contact their federal MP and they should make their opinions known there. I don't duck the issues at all - I'm truthful about the question. It is not an issue in this campaign it is a federal matter arising from court of appeal's decision'". (Ottawa Citizen, Sep.16)

Mr. McGuinty, can you tell us why the provincial Liberals are not willing to come clean with constituents on their aggressive support for gay marriage? Do you really think people are going to let you pass the buck?

John's Answer: Apparently Mr. Sobara has never heard of the Notwithstanding Clause, and the province's ability to invoke it to protect the province's families against a radical judiciary. Hey Greg! Ever heard of Ralph Klein and Alberta? They don't seem to think it's just a federal matter. We all know it is predominantly a federal matter, of course, and, believe me, the Federal politicians will hear about it in due time. In the meantime, however, Mr. Sorbara should have less contempt for the voters and come clean about Liberal policy on the gay agenda. Mr. Sorbara says that he doesn't "duck the issues". Well, all I have to say is: "if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck....IT'S A DUCK!


Our campaign team encourages all of our supporters to pray to God for our success in this election. With Him, anything is possible. We encourage you to pass this link on to as many people as possible. Thank you and Godspeed.