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Before Our Lord's Birth and After It, Mary is...Virgin Still
As many faithful Catholics are painfully aware, the Church's doctrines are always under attack by Her enemies. When the attacks are veiled by an air of scholarly research and presentation, they can become a source of doubt to some Catholics or a stumbling block to those wishing to become Catholic. In recent years, Eric Svendsen of New Testament Research Ministries has taken aim at the Catholic Church's teaching about Mary and in particular her perpetual virginity. He has even written a book entitled
Who is My Mother? - The Role and Status of the Mother of Jesus in the New Testament and Roman Catholicism, attacking the Church's teaching about Mary and her virginity. This is a book which has such a veneer of scholarly research and professional detachment. It is, in fact, neither. In order to convince Catholics that Our Lady lost her virginity, Svendsen utilizes the conspicuous until in Matthew 1:25. Instead of focusing on the traditional Protestant polemic surrounding 'until', he concentrates on a particular Greek grammatical construction for the 'until' in Matthew 1:25. It is alleged that this Greek phrase in question, hes hou for the uninitiated, proves that Mary did indeed lose her virginity. It is my pleasure to release a thorough refutation of this claim, presented below and entitled Hes Hou and the Protestant Polemic. It will hopefully shatter all pretense and veiled legitimacy of this argument, which, for too long now, has been floating around cyberspace with impunity. The Hes Hou polemic is now over - for good.

John Pacheco
Director, The Catholic Legate
Feast of the Birth of Our Lord, A.D. 2003


Hes Hou and the Protestant Polemic (Pacheco - 93 KB - Oct.16.03)

Central Objections To Svendsen's Sham-Thesis (Pacheco - 32KB - Jan.12.04)

No further articles are anticipated. Svendsen's self-proclaimed "rule" has now been officially revoked. His sham-thesis was simply a self-serving, gratuitous piece on anti-Catholic garbage. We therefore respectfully ask readers not to preface Svendsen with the designation "Dr." Click here to read why Eric Svendsen or James White should not be so honoured.