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Why Kerry Lost

by Chris Beneteau

As I awoke Wednesday morning to the sun peering in through my curtains, it occurred to me that this could only mean one thing – George W. Bush had been re-elected president of the United States for another four year term. As someone who has followed this campaign very closely for the last 12 months, I have decided to outline the numerous blunders that cost John Kerry the election. The list is long, so here goes:

1) He chose John Edwards as his Vice Presidential candidate.

This was a huge blunder. John Edwards was a former trial lawyer who made millions using junk science and lies to convince Jurors that infants born with Multiple Sclerosis ended up that way because the doctors had not performed C-sections. His record as a Senator was not very distinguished and he was as well known for the votes that he didn’t cast as he was for the votes that he did. John Edwards, along with John Kerry were two of only four senators who voted against an additional 87 billion dollars for U.S. troops. He is a man who seems obsessed with his appearance. An Internet video showed Senator Edwards spending a good five to ten minutes styling his hair (woman’s compact and all) before a TV appearance. The shellacking he took at the hands of Dick Cheney during the Vice Presidential debate gave the appearance of a lightweight.

2) Theresa Heinz-Kerry just couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

Mrs. Heinz-Kerry put her foot in her mouth on numerous occasions. She told a reporter to "shove-it" after he had asked her a reasonable question. She called those who did not support her husband’s health care plan "idiots." She used the word "Neanderthal" to describe Bush supporters. The biggest blunder of all however, occurred when she told an interviewer that she didn’t think Laura bush ever held a real job. (Mrs. Bush worked for 9 years as a teacher and librarian before she met her husband). Theresa’s comments were also deeply insulting to stay-at-home moms.

3) He hired Bob Shrum as his campaign manager.

Mr. Shrum has lost every presidential election he has been involved with. Known more as a brilliant speech writer, he has been successful at the state level, but has run disastrous federal campaigns. He helped engineer Al Gore's defeat in 2000. I believe his record is now 0-4.

4) He hired some former ‘Clintonista’s’ to join his campaign team.

Only days after Bill Clinton’s former press secretary Joel Lockhart joined the team, he was linked to the CBS forged memo scandal. Seeing Paul Begala and James Carville as 'unpaid advisors' was enough to send waves of nausea throughout middle America. The thought of another scandal filled presidency was too much for many Americans to bear.

5) Michael Moore, Al Franken, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, George Clooney, BenAfleck and numerous other Hollywood celebrities, leftists and rock stars campaigned for Kerry.

These people may go over well in the ‘left coast’ or the ‘porn belt’ of the United States but to the socially conservative Middle America they are nothing but a bunch of moral degenerates.

6) Kerry didn’t perform all that well during the debates despite all the media spin.

The average American is not going to remember the president’s inarticulate and awkward grasp of the English language. While watching the debates, it became really clear that Kerry made a number of serious blunders. People often look for those delicious one-liners, zingers or sound bites that often define these debates. In Kerry’s case he made a number of anti-zingers. First of all, he attempted to insert Vice President Dick Cheney’s Lesbian daughter into a discussion about whether or not homosexuality was a choice. He defended partial-birth abortion, a brutal procedure that is nothing more than legalized infanticide. When asked what impact the strong women had had in his life the only thing that he could say about his wife Theresa was that he had "married-up." He then quickly began to discuss his mother. And who could ever forget the infamous "global test" he would submit the U.S. government's foreign policy to.

7) He had Bill Clinton make a number of campaign appearances with him.

The conventional wisdom is that Bill Clinton can really fire up the Democratic base. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton’s appearance also has the opposite effect. It fires up the Republican base as well. Under Bill Clinton’s watch, the Democrats lost the House of Representatives, the Senate and most of the governorships across the United States. Clinton was despised more than he was loved.

8) Elizabeth Edwards couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

After Lynne Cheney expressed her anger that John Kerry had inserted her lesbian daughter into the campaign, Mrs. Edwards charged that Mrs. Cheney must be ashamed of her daughter. For Edwards to have had the audacity to make a judgment about a mother/daughter relationship was a huge mistake.

9) He failed to reach out to the thousands of Vietnam veterans he had offended with his testimony to congress after returning from the war.

Many former P.O.W’s claimed that John Kerry’s phony testimony about the U.S. atrocities in Vietnam had led to further mistreatment and abuse at the hands of their captors. By not reaching out to these men, John Kerry allowed groups such as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to publish a book ‘unfit for command’ and a documentary ‘stolen honor’ that cast serious doubt on the supposed heroics of Senator Kerry during that time. The documentary was particularly effective at showing how angry and resentful these veterans were feeling thirty years after the fact.

10) He offended numerous social conservatives, evangelical Christians and traditional Catholic voters.

By supporting same-sex unions, embryonic stem cell research and unlimited abortion rights, John Kerry guaranteed that at least one third of the country would not vote for him. His positions were very offensive to many Christians because Kerry would often discuss the role his Roman Catholic faith has in his personal life. John Kerry’s pro-abortion position was so radical that he even supported partial-birth abortion, a procedure that has been referred to as legalized infanticide.

11) He offended and demoralized most of the troops serving in Iraq along with their families.

John Kerry voted against additional funding for the troops. He referred to the war as the "wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." He said he "voted for the war before he voted against it." This along with numerous other statements created the perception that John Kerry lacked the steadfastness and resolve to stay the course until victory is achieved in Iraq. The fact that George Bush received 80% of the military vote bears this out.

Finally, to those of you who supported this disastrous candidate, you can take solace that another presidential race is just a mere four years away. Unfortunately for those of you who think you have seen the last of the Bush family in 2008; I’ve got one word for you – Jeb, the President's Catholic brother. The Bush dynasty could very well be extended for another 12 years!

Chris Beneteau
The Catholic Legate
November 9, 2004