Moral Issues

Bringing Murder to the Middle Class

by Ed Roche

The thing the left doesn't yet realize about us is that we think of them simply as bad people, capable of great evil, in fact, intent on it.

Some people might want to cut these lefties a break, making allowances for their spectacularly bad behaviour, saying that they mean well. Maybe they're only doing the best they know how. They have been badly taught.  They, themselves, are victims, too.

We don't buy that.  Nobody does. We know from past experience with the left, not only do they mean the outrageous things they say, in fact, there is much more they don't say out loud. There are hidden depths to their depravity. There seems to be no cause too horrible for them to champion. We are left speechless much of the time, unable to defend morality against the implacable attacks from the left.

Neither can we separate out their sophistication, erudition and wit from their bloodthirsty behaviour. See them together at their soirees; they have such good taste, but no morals. They drink too much, do too many drugs, sleep around. Charity cannot limit their behaviour.

We look at their designer clothes and their cars and lovely homes and gardens, all the while thinking, "How is it possible these seemingly nice people believe, for instance, that it is okay to expel a child from the womb?"

When at Grandmother's house for the holidays - Season's Greetings! - and they sit around their Martha Stewart table, how can they partake of Grandmother's mince-meat pie knowing they have already decided to euthanize the old gal if it ever becomes expedient?

The grey haired old lady of the house serves pie and cream to her daughter who has only recently aborted this same grandmother's newest grand-daughter. Heaping horror onto horror, it is just possible that it was the grandmother who drove the car to the clinic in a nightmarish twist on the old tradition of girl's day out. Sorry, Grandma, but we've just lost our appetite.

Who else is at the table this Christmas?  That man, passing the gravy boat to the family's son and heir, is planning to pop the question soon, so the two men can plan their wedding or civil union, or whatever. No one is bothered that these two men are using the room which the twins have graciously vacated for the holidays. These men are long-term lovers, and all well-meaning lefties agree they should be allowed to sacramentalize their love. But what does anyone in this group know about love? Would Abelard recognize this homoeroticism as love, or, more to the point, would Eloise?  Love? What kind of love is this illicit attraction between two men or two women?

Down the table near Granddad sits the oldest son and his new wife.  His divorced wife is, where? Nobody knows or cares, whether it be rehab, or Rio, or only at her mom's house.  She was part of this family for a decade or so.  Being pushed out, she has moved on.  The kids are with her, too. Dad gets them at thanksgiving and the grandparents can see them then.  If anyone feels disenfranchised, nobody says anything.  The merriment continues.

You know, there are few children present.  There hardly ever are in Martha Sterwart-land.  Mom and dad have for years tried everything to prevent the arrival of children.  It's a Holiday wish list from hell:  pills, douches, plastic bladders, scalpels, intrauterine wire, (...these are a few of my favourite things.) These products have proved their practicality over the decades, and the "women's centre."  (Bringing Murder to the Middle Classes,) is always there to eradicate any mistakes, no charge.

When a mature, married couple decides to fill their empty, brand new, luxury, four bedroom home with a contented gurgling of a pink and lovely baby, they might find they can't conceive.  What a tragedy.  It's a good thing that their double income ensures financial liquidity. With their savings and a little help from medicare, nothing can stop them from following their dream of procreation.  Years later, after sweeping who knows how many fertilized eggs into the drain - all these little souls whose name God know before the world was created - they finally look reality in the face for a moment and stand aghast.  This is a bad moment for them, a Prozac moment, and this little anti-depressant pill seems better than therapy, (tried it,) better than prayer, (never tried it).

So, when it comes to the left, it is not that we agree to disagree with them.  It is not a case of live and let live.  Neither do we respect their differences of opinion. We do not even support their right to have contrary opinions in cases of faith and morals.  We do not wish to allow them to follow their own perilous path, because we know there is nothing they won't sell, compromise or jettison on the way to their stated goals.

What we wish is this:  that they stop the destruction of children in the womb; stop the assault on the Sacrement of Marriage; stop funding immoral behaviour with money confiscated from the citizenry; stop giving comfort to our sworn enemies.  There's a whole lot more we want: stop denigrating Holy Mother Church, stop peddling birth control in the third world, stop destroying our families, stop defining our Culture down.  Stop the drugs, stop the porno.  Please: an end to infidelity. No more blasphemy, apostasy, heresy. No more sacrilege.

Ed Roche
Challenge Magazine
March 9, 2004


This editorial appeared in the January, 2004 issue of Challenge Magazine. Challenge is a Canadian Catholic magazine of Catholic news and opinion. To subscribe to Challenge ($25 CDN for 10 issues), write to: Challenge Magazine, P.O. Box 61, Fort Whyte, R3Y 1G5.