Moral Issues

A Series of Events in Terri's Fight

by John Pacheco et. al.

On Monday October 27, Michael Schiavo appeared on CNN's Larry King Live at 9 p.m. ET.

Despite fears that Larry King would soft-ball Michael Schiavo, Larry showed a little bit of spunk. During the last 20 minutes of the program, Larry asked some rather indicting questions. In one segment, Larry asked Schiavo why Terri's parents would be motivated to keep Terri alive - to which Schiavo responded: "I dunno. Just to make my life Hell, I guess." Yeah, you go there, Mike. It's all about YOUUUUU, don't you know! Jackass. Near the end of the program, the issue of Terri's "vegetative state" came up. Schiavo's lawyer, George Felos, was all ready with his official letters from his various death camp doctors. He proudly held them up for his viewing audience to see. But it seems that Larry didn't bite. In fact, Larry seemed to show some real moxy by challenging Schiavo to let CNN cameras go in and film Terri. He did this not once but three times! What did Felos say? "Oh no, we can't do that. Terri has a right to privacy." I almost choked on my popcorn.

Always the humanitarian, Felos warned the viewing audience to avoid such a tragic situation in their own lives by preparing a living will. Well, The Catholic Legate took his advice and commissioned staff history specialist and lawyer, Anthony Schratz, to prepare one tailored for Catholics. Click here to read it, and take the first step to ensure that your next of kin doesn't bop you off for some sordid gain.

Letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft

We the undersigned family, friends and medical caregivers of Theresa (Terri) Maria Schiavo request an immediate investigation and emergency intervention to stop her starvation dehydration death due to the following violations of her civil rights under the US Constitution:

Denial of Civil Rights by Michael Schiavo, husband:

By court order in a malpractice suit filed by Michael Schiavo in 1993,$700,000.00 of the settlement was to be used exclusively for Theresa's rehabilitation. To date, no rehabilitation, medical or physical therapy has ever been provided to Terri. Upon receipt of the award in 1993 medical records were ordered sealed by Michael Schiavo. Ten years later these records were unsealed and would reveal massive injury and a history of possible domestic violence and abuse. While under nursing home and hospice care, Michael Schiavo ordered no physical therapy, oral feeding or treatment for Terri. He further directed that Terri only be sustained in a nursing home which is contrary to the intent of the award money. Michael Schiavo has on two occasions unsuccessfully attempted to end Terri's life by instructing her caretakers not to medicate Terri for potentially fatal infections, the first of which occurred less than nine months after receiving the malpractice award money. As Terri's legal guardian, her husband has used her medical fund money to offset the legal costs when his guardianship of Terri was initially challenged and to pay the current legal costs to have Terri's life ended.

May 1, 2000 A Court hearing was cancelled after Michael Schiavo verbally committed to sign an agreement that Terri will get the necessary medical treatment at Hospice.

June 18, 2000 - After reneging on his previously agreed terms of the agreement, Michael Schiavo later signed an amended agreement stating he will not withdraw or terminate Terri's medical care or treatment for potential fatal infections, without prior notice to the court.

Denial of Civil Rights by Judge Greer:

February 2000 - Judge Greer condemns Terri to death by dehydration/starvation without any clear and convincing evidence as required by statute. There is no written living directive.

March 2000 - Sworn affidavits provided to the court by three physicians that Terri is able to eat. Judge Greer denies a petition to the court to perform swallowing tests on Terri, part of her court-ordered therapy.

Judge Greer further authorized personal security personnel costs for Michael Schiavo to be taken from Terri's medical fund:

May 7, 2001 - Dr. Hammesfahr (neurology), filed a six page affidavit with the court stating Terri was not in a Persistent Vegetative State, accompanied by a formal letter requesting Schiavo's permission to allow Terri to begin rehabilitation treatment; request denied.

September 26, 2001 - A three-member panel consisting of Judges Jerry Parker, Chris Altenbernd and John Blue presided at the Appellate Court "oral argument hearing." The core of the appeal is that Judge Greer did not follow the Appellate Court's July 11, 2001 instructions. Judge Greer admitted he ignored the doctors' sworn opinions and summarily rejected additional evidence that unmistakably proved Michael Schiavo lied to the court at the original trial.


Denial of Civil Rights by Michael Schiavo's appointed physicians:

There is no court order to deny Terri Schiavo oral feeding. This was put in place by Michael Schiavo's appointed doctors, in direct violation of the previous court orders to provide therapy and rehabilitation for Terri.

Denial of Civil Rights by Pinellas Park Police, Michael Schiavo and his attorneys:

On October 15th at 2:00PM Terri's feeding tube was removed. Although the court does not deny the right to provide oral hydration or feeding, the doctor's orders to hospice are to prohibit any type of oral feeding.

On October 18th, 19th and 20th Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski was refused the right to administer Holy Communion to Terri as part of her Catholic Last Rites. This order was expressed directly by Michael Schiavo, his attorneys and the local police guarding Terri's room who told the priest they would "stop him if he attempted to give her Holy Communion." It is a criminal violation to abuse, neglect or exploit a disabled person, all of which have been perpetrated on Terri Schaivo and we petition your immediate intervention and investigation.

Presented by: Debra L. Vinnedge
Mary and Bob Schindler
Robert Schindler, JR
Suzanne Carr
William Hammesfahr, MD
J.D. Young, MD
James Eckart, MD
Jay Carpenter, MD
Eleanor Dreschel, RN, MS
Jana Carpenter, RN, MS
Msgr. Thaddeus Malanowski


Sworn to and subscribed before me this ________ day of October, 2003, by Debra Vinnedge who produced a Florida Driver's License as identification.


The contact information for Mr. Ashcroft is:

Attorney General John Ashcroft
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

E-mail John Ashcroft and demand that he take action now!

Here are some experts from the original brief relating to Schiavo's lawyer, George Fellos:


Never mind Schiavo, let's get the excorcist in to go after Felos. No kidding. This might very well be an authentic case of possession.

A Series of Events in the Fight to Save Terri's Life

LifeSite Told of Struggle to Get Medical Staff to Implement Gov. Bush Order: The Inside Story on the Still Ongoing Life and Death Struggle for Terri Schiavo

CLEARWATER, FL, October 22, 2003 ( - The Terry Shiavo saga continues to take more ugly twists and turns. Although the heroic efforts of the Florida legislature and Governor Jeb Bush succeeded in forcing medical personnel to re-connect Terri to nutrition and hydration, implementation of Bush's order did not go smoothly yesterday and there are still fears for her life. learned of these disturbing details today from Debra Vinnedge of Children of God for Life who was with Terri's parents at the vigil outside the Hospice since before the feeding tube was removed. Terri's family is currently barred from visiting their daughter by order of Terri's estranged husband Michael who, with his lawyer, is still engaged in intense legal manoeuvres to ensure Terri's death. Moreover, the hospital is refusing to release any details about Terri's current condition. Vinnedge reveals that yesterday, prior to Governor Bush's 5 p.m. order to begin hydration, the Woodside hospice where Terri was staying refused to allow religious objects to be placed in Terri's room. It threw out all religious artifacts that had been left there by Terri's parents. Previously, Terri had been denied a small fragment of final Holy Communion under the pretence that she could receive nothing by mouth for fear of choking. That was while she was being slowly and painfully killed by the removal of nutrition and hydration. When the Bush executive order arrived at the Hospice by both fax transmission and official delivery, Hospice officials refused to reinsert the feeding tube, claiming there were no medical personnel to do so, despite the fact that they were the ones who removed it on October 15th. They promised to transfer Terri to a local hospital as quickly as possible. In addition, two medical doctors had been summoned to the Hospice and were denied entrance to perform the procedure as indicated by Gov. Bush. They were also denied access to observe the patient and her condition. At 6:30 p.m. an ambulance arrived to take Terri to Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. Upon arrival at the hospital, medical staff refused to comply with the Governor's order to re-insert her feeding tube or an IV, stating they had been threatened with litigation by Michael Schiavo's attorneys if any medical care was given to Terri. After the hospital was told repeatedly by government officials that they must comply or risk losing funding, at approximately 9:30 p.m. an IV was finally inserted - four hours after the governor's order had been given. Michael Schiavo has denied visitation at the hospital to all members of Terri's family. Terri's priest, Monsignor Thaddeus Malinowski, has also not been able to visit Terri. A request for immediate appointment of a guardian ad litem to protect Terri's medical interests and physical well-being was denied by Judge David A. Demers. Terri's parents and supporters have sent a request to federal Attorney General John Ashcroft asking him to reassert Terri's civil rights. While the bill which passed the Florida House called for a guardian ad litem, the Senate version of the bill did not. As of 4 p.m. yesterday, the last time Terri's parents, siblings and priest were able to visit Terri, she was reportedly doing well. "She greeted them with joy, she was smiling and laughed, sitting up," Vinnedge told In a grateful message to supporters, Terri's parents said, "On behalf of Terri's family and everyone at the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, we thank you for your kindness, your action and your willingness to care enough to do something positive for a stranger. It is our hope that Terri will be given the chance to say "thank you" herself one day soon." Meanwhile, CNN reports today that Michael Shiavo has "received $300,000 for pain and suffering and loss of consortium" and "has declined to comment on whether there is an outstanding life insurance policy on his wife."


Return to Battle Stations - I just got off the phone with Monsignor and Fr. Rob. Fr. Rob got in safely, and Monsignor brought him up to date over dinner. Fr. Rob has also been in contact with Terri's parents. Monsignor is very grateful to the St. Blog community for sending Fr. Rob. Since this whole thing began, Monsignor has been putting off his own medical appointments and whatnot in order to remain accessible to Terri and her family. So Fr. Rob's presence comes as a great relief. Fr. Rob gives everyone his best and asks for prayers. The good news is that the feeding tube was reinserted and Terri is now getting nutrition as well as liquids. Additionally, Michael Schiavo backed down from his prohibition against Terri's family visiting her. Nevertheless, he is now refusing Terri's parents access to her medical records and condition -- citing the privacy act. This is why we're not getting any updates on her medical condition. It should also be noted that an independent guardian ad litem only applies to the specific court case. Mike Schiavo remains Terri's legal guardian in all other matters. There's also some other troubling news. Today, Terri was secretely moved back to the "hospice" where she had been left to starve and dehydrate. She is, according to Mike Schiavo et al, receiving fluids and feeding. Nevertheless, it shows that the culture of death still has a strong hold over the situation. The vigil, which had shut down last night, has now resumed. Tomorrow I have to take Sonya up to Sarasota in the afternoon to pre-register at the hospital and visit the ob-gyn. Afterward, we hope to head up to the vigil and link up with Fr. Rob. (I say "hope to" because Sonya is now experiencing some stomach pains.) Until then, please keep praying. As far as action alerts, what we need now is for people to contact the Attorney General's office -- both federal and for the State of Florida -- and urge an independent investigation into Terri's condition and possible abuse.
- Pete Vere 10-22-2003-10:40PM


Ecumencial Jihad in Action - Now that things are beginning to wind down a bit, The Legate's staff is very proud of the tireless efforts of Legate staffer, Pete Vere, who was absolutely instrumental in getting the word out to Catholic news and internet portals, especially high traffic discussion boards and blog sites like Envoy, Free Republic, and Mark Shea's blog. If it wasn't for the internet, and the pressure laid to bear through it, Terri might not be alive today. The traditional media no longer has control on information, and therefore cannot warp it into their Marxist-leftist-anti-life agenda. They dropped the ball big-time on this issue and lost a lot of credibility in their lack of coverage.

The Legate also wishes to express a sincere thanks to Chris Ferrara, Catholic lawyer extra-ordinaire, who helped with Terri's legal strategy and worked fervently and faithfully on this case. Also, Terri's lead attorney, Pat Anderson, who, before the drama of the last several days unfolded, had no real religious affiliation. She showed that there are people of good will who do not yet know Jesus Christ. We also want to thank the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who personally intervened in this case, and offered his support for Terri and her family. And last but not least were the Evangelical Protestants who came out in full force to support their Catholic brethren in Terri's fight and offered spiritual and material support to Catholic supporters. As usual, the Evangelicals wore their hearts on their sleeves. God bless them. With such a wide variety of support against the culture of death, we really like this idea of Ecumenical Jihad. As for Bishop Lynch and the rest of the Florida bishops, we hope they didn't wear out the lavender seats they were sitting on. Bishop Lynch was probably too busy prohibiting Eucharistic adoration in his diocese to be bothered with such trivialities as human life.


A Day of Rest - Msgr. Salanowski and I spoke by phone over lunch. They are still in the process of re-hydrating Terri through IV, so they haven't reinserted the feeding tube. However, this is routine in these types of cases. They also haven't been able to assess if any permanent damage has been done due to the dehydration and starvation. Right now the lawyers are working away trying to get another guardian ad litem appointed for Terri. Another piece of good news is that Mike Schiavo was quoted in one of the local papers as stating that he is no longer sure he wants to continue to fight. Additionally, Terri likely will not be going back to the hospice. For the first time since we met, Monsignor sounds rested. He's happy to be spending the day at home today, and urged me to do the same. He is also looking forward to Fr. Johansen's arrival later this afternoon. Barring any pastoral emergency or new development, they're just gonna spend the day recovering from this past week's events while Monsignor brings Fr. Rob up to date on the pastoral situation. We're all hoping to meet up tomorrow. After finishing my interviews at the Tribunal, I'm hoping to go home early and finish the story I'm writing for various Catholic news sources. I will post it when finished. Then I hope to answer all the kind emails I've received from you over the past week. Thank-you for your prayers and generosity. Will probably go to the Alhambra meeting tonight as well, in order to update our local caravan, but will not stay for dinner afterward. - Pete Vere 10-22-03-1:31PM


Poor Efforts by Florida Bishops on Schiavo Case Severely Criticized by American Life League STAFFORD, Virginia, October 21, 2003 ( - American Life League president Judi Brown has taken the Florida Catholic bishops to task for their poor efforts on the Terri Schiavo saga. In a press release earlier today, the AFL says Brown "notes a serious void in leadership within the Florida Catholic Conference of Bishops. 'Most stunning throughout this lengthy, three-year battle to save Terri Schiavo's life has been the lack of consistent action by Florida's Catholic bishops, especially Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg. It is inexcusable that these shepherds find it acceptable to sit by virtually silent while one of their flock is being brutally and publicly murdered.'" The release continues, "In reference to the inadequate statements the bishops have issued, Brown said, 'I am reminded of Christ's admonition to the Pharisees in Matthew 24. 'Blind guides' appears to be a fitting description of shepherds who have not taken the first meaningful public step to stand between this young woman and her executioners. The Florida bishops' silence has sent a clear message that they lack the courage to stand against this injustice."'

Our Comment: Preach it, sister, preach it. The Bishops of Florida are an utter DISGRACE to the Faith. You have to wonder, in light of the Holy Father's recent Apostolic Exhortation to the Bishops, Pastores Gregis, just who is really closer to "comatose" - Terri or the Bishops.

We need a major Athanasius to publicly go after the Lavendar mafia. Pray that God sends us one. The time for silence is over. We need a few bishops in North America to challenge the status quo.


The Biggest Jack-Ass Quote Ever Spewed goes to Michael Schiavo's lawyer, George Felos. Take it away, George: "It is simply inhumane and barbaric to interrupt her death process," Felos said. "Just because Terri Schiavo is not conscious doesn't mean she doesn't have dignity." Maybe George needs to be put on a respirator. Obviously, he isn't getting enough oxygen to his brain. Citation provided by Yahoo News Services. You 'da man, George. You 'da man. Mark Shea is right on the money. Sin does make you very, very stupid. 10-22-2003-12:29AM


God Hear Our Prayers for Terri

Tonight was an emotional roller-coaster at the vigil for Terri. Fortunately, God heard our prayers and the evening ended with much rejoicing. Like everyone else who was there, Sonya and I are emotionally drained. This means I will have to blog the details over the coming days. But the important thing tonight is that God worked a miracle, Terri is alive, and the doctors are now rehydrating her. Not too long after the ambulance took off with Terri in order to bring her to the hospital, I happened to find myself with Terri's father. So I gave him the rosaries blessed by the Holy Father. Terri's father was in tears, and asked me to extend the gratitude of his family toward St. Blog, FreeRepublic and the Alhambra. He also asked me to make known his gratitude to St. Therese and Bl. Teresa of Calcutta. Since beginning the Novena to St. Therese, he has encountered roses and rose petals everywhere he goes, even in the most unusual of places. In fact, Terri's feeding tube was pulled on the feast day of her namesake, St. Therese, and the critical point in Terri's starvation and dehydration would have taken place last Sunday -- the day the Holy Father beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta. He then called Chris Ferrara over and introduced us. Chris and I shared a good laugh and exchanged some candid words on the whole situation. He looked a lot better and was much more upbeat tonight. We pretty much agreed that what had happened tonight was a miracle. However, we also agreed that while the battle was won through the grace of God, the war is far from over. Subsequently, as jurists we need to remain vigilent in protecting the innocent and the defenseless. Although he still insists that most of the credit for Terri's legal defense go to Pat Anderson, he is both humbled by and grateful for our prayers. - Pete Vere 10-22-2003-12:24AM


From Mark Shea: Update: Apparently, Terri is now being rehydrated. Schiavo apparently threatened the hospital staff with suit, but the Gov made it clear that they were immune from suit if they helped Terri. Main problem is, the Schindlers and friends are barred from knowing what's going on. All info is coming for Schiavo and Co. Please pray that the power of death, broken by the Risen Christ, will be defeated here. posted. 10-21-03-9:04PM


From Mark Shea: Pete Vere calls again to say they have reportedly taken Terri to the hospital where Mike Schiavo works and she is being denied hydration. They are also reportedly denying the family access to her. Unbelievable. Pete's still trying to separate fact from rumor, so don't take this as gospel. However, it's worrisome enough that Chris Ferrara is on his way over to the hospital. If this is true, then it appears obvious to me that this is some kind of conspiracy to kill. It can't be an accident that they would send her to the hospital where the man who is trying to kill her works. Keep praying! 10-21-03-8:50PM


Pete Vere has just called to inform us that Michael Schiavo has continued his demonic assault. After Gov. Bush signed the bill, his lawyer tried to get an injuction against the legislation. When the court refused, his lawyer then tried to sue Gov. Bush. The long and short of these actions is that they have delayed Terri getting the vital hydration which she needs. A hearing is schedule in the next couple of hours. PLEASE PRAY FERVENTLY!!! 10-21-03-8:40PM

Good news, hopeful news, and call-to-action

Sonya and I returned to the vigil for Terri today. The mood is very hopeful. As it is early in the morning, however, I apologize in advance for any typos as well as the disjointed posting of my thoughts...

1) From what the nurses participating in vigil told me, barring a miracle (and there have been many in this case) Terri's vital organs are now in the process of shutting down due to poisoning from the toxins in her body. In the normal course of events, irreversable damage will have been done to her kidneys for example.

2) Prayers are still very much needed. I would suggest in this order of importance: a) For Terri and her family, b) for Monsignor who is trying to provide for her spiritual needs, c) for Jeb Bush and the Florida senate, d) for Chris Ferrara, Pat Anderson and the rest of Terri's legal team, e) for the conversion of Mike Schiavo, attorney George Felos and Judge Greer -- the unholy trinity of the culture of death.

3) As Fr. Rob Johansen reported, he's received his bishop's permission to accept Monsignor's invitation to come down and assist Terri's friends and family. Monsignor is eighty years old, but like any good priest and former military officer, he keeps soldiering on at the vigil. Nevertheless, he is really looking forward to having another priest there full-time, particularly a young priest like Fr. Rob. The two of them have been in touch, and everything is now arranged for Fr. Rob's stay. Again, thank-you to everyone at St. Blog for coming through.

4) Terri's father was in tears when he found out that not only has St. Blog, the Alhambra and Freepers found him a replacement Rosary with the papal blessing, but there are enough on overnight for each member of his family. Thanks to everyone who responded to this call with such generosity.

5) I was there when we got news that Jim King, the head of the Florida State Senate, was going to allow the bill to go to the floor for a vote. My friend George, a pro-life civil attorney who has been at the vigil practically everyday, said that this was extremely hopeful. Again, thanks to everyone who responded to the blog call to phone and email King. Keep it up until the bill passes.

6) Start emailing John Aschcroft as well as the Florida State Attorney. Whether or not Terri survives, and we all hope and pray that she will, we need an investigation of the possible abuse she may have suffered. Right now, Michael Schiavo has reportedly ordered that upon her death she be cremated without an autopsy. We cannot allow this to happen. If someone could please post the email addresses and the phone numbers of these two Attorney General's offices in the comments section and on your blog site, it would be greatly appreciated.

7) Speaking of action, there was enough of a popular outcry today to overwhelm and shut down both the phone lines and the email server of the Florida state legislature. This happened because everyone took the time to phone and email. Please keep doing so.

Pete Vere
October 21, 2003

Pete Vere has just informed us that the Computer Servers and Telephone Switchboard at the Florida Legislature have been overloaded with e-mails and calls! Pete says that BOTH systems crashed! Apparently there has been an outpouring of outrage and concern. People have been demanding that the anti-starvation and dehydration legislation be passed immediately.

Aside from heaven itself, we credit the success of our efforts to the power of the internet (and blog-o-sphere in particular) and the cell phone. Nobody gets away with much these days. It's not just Big Brother who is watching. Big Daddy is too!

We ask everyone to keep Terri, her family, her immediate supporters, and her legal team, in particular Chris Ferrara, in your prayers as they (and we as the Body of Jesus Christ) make a full-frontal assault on the dragon. We're coming after you now, beast, ready or not. 10-20-03

Special Announcement

Effective immediately, The Legate's Director, John Pacheco, has called for a continent-wide fast on bread and water until Terri's life is out of danger. All people who can participate are encouraged to do so. The spiritual battle needs the heavy artillery of fasting and prayer. We need to unite ourselves with Terri's suffering and present ourselves to the Father as a Body.

Prayer and Fast Start Date: October 20, 11:30AM